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By signing below the renter is accepting the following terms and conditions for food service provided by Zion Party Rentals (ZPR) as described in attached invoice/estimate #___ dated ________

  1. Food service shall include buffet station management, dinner service, water and non-alcoholic drink service, table maintenance, and clean up.  Any additional services must be pre-arranged and agreed upon in writing.
  2. Customer understands that any alcoholic beverages brought to the event by anyone is the sole responsibility of that person.  Utah State Law requires that all alcohol provided to your guests be purchased in the State of Utah.
  3.  Please check with Utah state alcohol law laws governing the venue you have chosen prior to serving alcohol at your event.
  4. ZPR is not responsible for the quality or safety of the food provided by and/or purchased thru any restaurant, or provided by customer. 
  5. Complete event cancellations within 60 days of event will forfeit deposit.
  6. Invoice is to be paid in full prior to start of event.
  7. Additional gratuity is at the customer’s discretion
  8. Returned checks will incur additional charges including but not exceeding all bank fees plus $15 processing fee.